Thursday, 31 March 2011


I found this picture depicting a variety of famous glass designs that celebrities have worn throughout the years.

This has definitely helped me to think more outside of the box for my own glasses design.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Project updated


So I've been working away quietly on a hundred different things and thought it was about time I got back to updating my blog, sorry it's been so long!

Right so the concept and finalised idea is as follows:

I will create a pair of responsive glasses that will be for people with autism to use when in stressful public situations.  There will be a pair of glasses specifically for children, and one for adults.  The glasses will be able to monitor certain signals that can be indicators of an oncoming tantrum in children and of stress in adults.  These indicators include things such as heart rate and clamminess of the skin.  When the device recognises these signals they will begin to show the visuals on the glasses that are proven to help calm people with autism.  This will be done in a way that still allows the user to see through the glasses.  

The glasses will also have an audio plug-in, this will allow the user to use either the noise neutraliser or audio of their choice to cancel out any hyper sensitivity issues they may have.

There are many other features that will be added to each device that I will include as and when they are applied to the design!

Hope you all like the idea :)